Designed to stabilize your drill string, these stabilizers are hard-faced with crushed tungston carbide. They feature tungston carbide trapazoid inserts in the blades to keep wearing at a minimum and rebuild costs down. 18 degree right handed spiral blades are also featured on these tools.

Stabilizers are both of integral blade and welded blade configuration that are used to centralize the bottom hole assembly during drilling operations.

Drill collars, when used without stabilizers, tend to buckle and cause unwanted deviation. A typical bottom hole assembly (BHA) will include one or two stabilizers placed in the drillstring to increase stiffness. Sometimes additional stabilizers are added to the drillstring to further increase BHA rigidity to ensure that wellbore deviation is minimized.

Stabilizers also prevent differential sticking of the drillstring by stabilizing the BHA and keeping drill collars and drillpipe away from the borehole wall. This reduces vibration, drillpipe whirl, and wellbore tortuousity; moreover, the stabilization maintains drilling trajectory whether drilling straight, horizontal, or directional wells.

Upside Energy Services offers several options for drillstring stabilization, in both steel and nonmagnetic materials:

  • Integral Blade Stabilizers
  • Non-Magnetic Stabilizers
  • Weld-on Blade Stabilizers
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