Junk Subs

Catch down-hole debris with the junk sub basket and use the fishing magnet to retrieve that lost roller cone or cutters out of the hole.

Junk Subs, which are normally run just above the drill bit, have a cup for catching objects too heavy to be completely circulated out of the hole. This is particularly advantageous in junk milling operations. By running a Junk Sub above a scraper, operators can get quicker, cleaner scraping jobs.

Junk Subs are constructed from high quality steel, completely stress-relieved after cup and rib guides have been welded to the main body. Rib guides prevent the cup from becoming crushed and help guide the tool through tight places upon withdrawal from the hole. Junk Subs are available in standard, long and extra long types.

Fishing Magnets

Fishing Magnets are used to retrieve all types of small objects having magnetic attraction from bore hole bottoms. Such undrillable objects as bit cones, bearings, slips, tong pins, and milling cuttings can often be retrieved only by magnetic attraction.

Cut-Lipped and Mill Type Guides are available as optional accessories.

Fishing Magnets may be run on wire lines or on pipe. Wireline operations have the advantages of speed and economy. Pipe operations have the great advantage of utilizing the generous circulation holes in the magnet to eliminate settlings above the fish, and to loosen the fish (see chart below). The first six assemblies (with sucker rod connections) do not have circulation bores.

Wireline Adapters are available to run between the magnet and cable head or rope socket. When ordering, specify the required top connection and the magnet to be used with.

The Flush O.D. Type Guide is sold as part of the assembly.

These Fishing Magnets are particularly valuable for use prior to diamond coring. In a single trip, the Fishing Magnet will completely clean the hole of these damaging junk items, insuring good performance and safeguarding the valuable bit.

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