Drill Collars

Drill collars are used to apply weight on the bit. We carry both round and non-mag drill collars.

Upside Energy Services Drill Collars are integral heavy-wall joints that are manufactured from a solid bar of modified alloy steel. The solid bars are quenched and tempered to obtain the required mechanical properties, then trepanned, drifted and threaded. Drill collars are furnished as slick or spiraled in 30 or 31 foot lengths.

Slick drill collar are supplied with the mill as-rolled surface finish. Spiraled drill collars have grooves machined in the outside surface. The spiral grooves promote even flow of drilling fluid around the collar diameter, equalizing pressure and reducing the occurrence of differential sticking.

Upside Energy Services drill collars are manufactured from AISI 4142H-4145H modified steel and are supplied in the "as rolled" surface finish condition. Alternative surface finishes can be provided. Drill collars are trepanned and drifted to API Spec. 7. Full-length heat-treatment processes ensure that mechanical properties meet or exceed API Spec. 7 requirements. A hardness range of 285-341, Brinell Hardness and Charpy "V' notch minimum impact strength of 40 ft-lb at 70°F are guaranteed one inch below the surface.

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