It is our goal to be your first choice for down-hole drilling equipment tools. Call Upside Energy Services at 1-877-235-2998 for your entire down-hole tool and environmental and safety needs!

Upside Energy Services is a Canadian company specializing in down-hole drilling equipment. Upside Energy Services was established in Calgary AB when the need was recognized for a regional supplier of down-hole drilling equipment which would provide customers with the convenience of location and a high standard of service. Since then it has expanded to provide down-hole drilling equipment throughout western Canada. We provide complete bottom-hole assemblies for virtually all drilling applications.

A Complete Line of Specialized Drilling Equipment

Upside Energy Services equipment has proven its dependability in supplying for down-hole drilling tools worldwide. Through close relationships with our customers, Upside Energy Services is constantly improving existing products and developing new ones to meet the demands of the drilling industry.

Our Products